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This device features dual polarity FSK and CW keying and PTT outputs. Include items to be ordered by Item number and quantity desired.

Also include full shipping address including zip code and telephone number.

There are 24 different transistor types included in the package.

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Also included as just a partial list right now, a Tentec Omni VI Plus HF transceiver, a Kenwood TS870 HF transceiver, and additional Tentec and Kenwood gear Vibroplex Bug, Ameritron tuner, Astron 35 amp power supply and more. Click on images for larger views of the pictures The Yaesu FT-530 2M/440 HT LCD display and translucent keypad have selectable back-lighting modes and provide dual frequency readouts and indicators for most programmable functions. This radio does not come with the optional hand microphone. These manuals are for older equipment in the Public Service / Business Band radio service and are for base station or repeater FM two way radio. Contain complete servicing info for these radios including full schematics, circuit board drawings and test/calibration details.

Designed for PC board mounting, the electrical contact through the PCB pins are gold plated. A total of four pins will hold down the switch making for a secure and rigid positioning against the circuit board. Their small size allows for close spacing and inclusion in very compact circuitry housings. The only issue I see is the power cord should be replaced as it looks to have been splice repaired by the owner.

The transmitter is operable and was used by the owner along with the Hallicrafters SX-101 receiver (sold separately above) as a complete on the air station.

These are miniature SMD devices and suitable for high performance RF applications such as VHF/UHF high gain, small signal RF. A CD (included) contains data sheets, application notes, S-parameters and SPICE models. Look at the individual pictures (click on each one for a larger view) for more details. You can enter the quantity desired after you click on the Add to Cart button. Transceiver Dimensions (w×h×d) 375 × 146 × 432 mm (14.76 × 5.75 × 17.01 in) Weight 7.25 kg (16 lbs) P961 Power Supply weight: Approximately 16 lb.

IF and RF Amplifiers, mixers, buffers and oscillators. For ham experimenters active in or interested in VHF/UHF and microwave circuit design, this should be a welcome resource. They are SPST pushbutton momentary contact ON/OFF switches. Ham band transeiver 160 - 10 meter SSB, AM, and CW. This one looks perfectly clean on the front and the back panel looks good and original.

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