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The funny thing is they ironically do the same bullshit they get mad at.The same people who don't say "Nigga" because it's offensive say words like "dawg" instead.

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As a matter of fact, I had an recent experience to prove the validity of my contrast of the two words.There are so many things in the English language that have different meaning and are the same word, or have different spelling and mean the same thing ( ie blond/blonde).In fact, the English language is filled with paradoxes like for instance the pronunciations of rhyming words like "no, go, so, and yo," have similar endings with the "o" sound regardless of changing the the consonants in front, but yet in certain words like "do and to," the same logic was applied but yet the pronunciation changed from "o" to "u." That's the English language, it's insane and filled with paradoxes, and to make matter worse, slangs and ebonics confuse definitions even more.Secondly, they have two entirely (almost antonymous) definitions: Nigger is a racial slur to demean and insult a black person while Nigga is a urban term used to regard someone in a non-derogatory manner like dude, or buddy.Yet regardless of contradictory definition and different spelling, people still confuse both to mean the same thing and get offended by the non-offensive of the two (nigga) which makes no sense.

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