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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I'm only on page one as of writing this, and I'm pretty appalled at some of the stuff I've read...let's see, 90% of social workers are scumbags who purposely ruin people's lives.If on the other hand, you simply met them off the street so to speak, then don't be too keen to tell them all about your life's problems.Ok of course you have a right to be angry about your experience and I can see why you would be inclined to generalize BUT, dating 3 social workers does NOT translate into 90% of social workers.To the OP: obviously, you haven't had great experiences, but painting all (oops, sorry, I see that you keep correcting people..only say 90%) with the same brush is ridiculous.I hate to break it to you, but exotic dancers also have the potential to be what you describe in social workers.

It's obvious you dislike them, so be honest about where you're coming from.It's a double-edged sword the way you're looking at it.The fact is, if some parents weren't beating and abusing their children, social workers wouldn't be needed.I have known many people in all of these professions. , or is it by pure chance that the people you meet are social workers?Quite a few have admitted to having all 3 types of women in their lives. I'm not saying they all cheat but the majority of them do! If you were 'referred' to them, then I think it is blatantly unappropriate to begin a relationship with a client, and any decent social worker would understand this.

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