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An hour or so later, a ‘very drunk’ Amanda lurched in, clutching a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other. I’m a friend, a good friend and a lunch guest — it’s just not what you expect when you go out for lunch.‘First she went on about how much Botox I’d had done to my face. And then she started making provocative suggestions for me and Susanna to join her in bed with certain sex toys…’‘She attacked me three times. And he just sat there — and then suggested that we all have a nice game of chess.’So she slipped away down the back stairs, persuaded a friend to come and collect her and headed off to stay with her elderly mother who lives in sheltered accommodation nearby, leaving Trudie and Alexander playing chess — ‘he won the first two games because I found it a bit hard to concentrate’ — and Amanda wandering about the corridors in a drunken stupor.‘I was helping Alexander get ready for bed,’ says Trudie.My goal is to help individuals to connect with one's inner self that will allow individuals to understand their barriers and discover healthy ways to overcome these obstacles to live a free, fulfilling, and joyful life.""My passion as a therapist is to help foster growth and wholeness among individuals, couples and families.It takes incredible courage to reach out for help, so it is important for me to meet each person exactly where they are on their journey.’The initial explanation was that, yet again — and despite their septuagenarian seigneur being in poor health and on crutches after a nasty illness last year — the rival wifelets had been fighting over who was to sleep with the 7th Marquess.Amanda then claimed in a Sunday newspaper that the fracas had been started by Trudie and was all down to her jealousy that Amanda and 79-year-old Lord Bath had been undergoing IVF treatment together (he had always fancied himself as head of a commune of children born to his various wifelets, but to date has fathered just one child by them, his other two children being from his actual wife, actress Anna Gael).

My ideal client is anyone pursuing the very best life that they can achieve.""I take a very non-judgmental approach to therapy preferring to work alongside the client and conjointly focusing on the best treatment modalities to fit their needs.The second is an Irish singer of Amazonian proportions called Amanda Doyle, who claims to have spent ten of her 11 Wifelet years trying to conceive Lord Bath’s baby by IVF, likes a drink or five and has form when it comes to jealous fisticuffs.And finally, there’s Susanna Zaliskyj, a half-Ukranian-born actress and events manager who met Lord Bath through her love affair with the son of notorious Wifelet Number 54, the late American singer Jo Jo Laine, and describes her relationship with the Marquess as ‘an intellectual relationship, not a bedding one, because I’m not into older, plump men, and he is old!If you prefer corresponding via phone, leave your contact number. Sending an email using this page does not guarantee that the recipient will receive, read or respond to your email.

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