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Sheldon calls his mother to return his great-grandmother's ring which he had intended for Amy, but Mary tells him to wait.

Sheldon briefly considers dating Mandy to hurt Amy.

Sheldon rejects everyone he meets and Amy refuses to live with him, as they have just broken up.

Sheldon tries to pretend that it is 2003, before he met Leonard, Penny and Amy, and before he developed emotional connections to other people, fearing that Leonard and Penny, too, will eventually abandon him.

Meanwhile, the women have a small bachelorette party at Penny's apartment.

Amy reveals she has not told her family about her breakup with Sheldon, relating how her mother had her sit in a "sin closet".

In May 2015, CBS announced at its annual upfront presentation, that the series would begin its ninth season on Mondays, before returning to the Thursday slot once the football games ended.

Howard builds a machine to add mileage to the Fitbit Bernadette bought for him to track his exercise.

Leonard, however, decides that the group should become more active and they take up the sport of fencing, attending a class taught by Barry Kripke.

For his sake, Leonard and Penny agree to split their time between apartments to be with Sheldon who begins to modify The Roommate Agreement for this purpose.

Meanwhile, Stuart wants a band to play music in his comic book store for free.

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