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To those who know Berlin as a creative hub, it might come as a surprise that life science is one of the city’s industrial pillars.

The German capital region is home to more than 500 companies in biotech, pharma and medtech, as well as 35 large research institutions focused on life sciences and around 130 hospitals.

Above all, one of Europe’s largest and most renowned university hospitals, Charité, calls the city home.

Perhaps the density of institutions is a product of the Cold War.

A variety of players in academia, industry and startups make the ecosystem blossom.Dirnagl’s innovative team at the Charité contacted us because they wanted to have a closer look at our software.They partnered up with us, and then became one of our first reference customers,” he more BAföG enables young men and women to choose the training that suits their personal interests, irrespective of their families' financial means.Millions of young people have already benefited from this kind of training assistance.

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