Paul teutel jr dating

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And we had a welding shop and so we were able to do that stuff.

PAUL TEUTUL, SR.: Well, I won't -- I probably started in my early 20s.

PAUL TEUTUL, SR.: I never really got into a dirt bike or anything like that. So I actually bought an old pickup truck from my father and another guy actually was going to jail and I bought a welder.

And then basically, you know, I decided at an early age that I didn't want -- you know, I'd work for people, but I decided that's not what I want to do.

And, you know, my parents told me that, school told me that, everybody.

PAUL TEUTUL, SR.: That would probably be pretty cool, yes. In your book, you write that your whole childhood basically set you up to be dead or in prison. I think that was -- I think that's what possessed me to -- you know, people thought I was going to be a failure.

I think, though, the closest thing was, you know, I had a drug and alcohol -- an alcohol and drug addiction problem really -- really bad.

This is basically where we -- we fabricate everything from soup to nuts. Now, this is a water jet which will cut through nine inches of solid steel with water. (VIDEO CLIP) KING: Dad's temper and addictions to almost everything could have killed him, destroyed the family. Larry, this is where we prep everything before it gets painted. So everything, after it's painted, he does all of the art work. This is one of the bikes that we're building for a sheikh in Dubai. He's the author of a new book "The Ride of A Lifetime." I have it right here. Chopper means like you take a stock bike and you start cutting it apart. You know, it's -- you know, when you're on a bike, it's like, you know, you're -- you get away from all the hustle and bustle. PAUL TEUTUL, SR.: Chopper like originated from, you know, back in the day, actually when the Hells Angels first started.

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