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Bayley had three years cut off his jail term after a conviction for raping a sex worker in 2000 was overturned by the Victoria Court of Appeal. Legal reform came due to Ms Meagher's death with tighter parole laws in Victoria meaning if a crime is committed while someone is on parole, they are immediately sent back to prison and handed a further sentence and fine.

The National Rugby League (NRL) is the top league of professional rugby league clubs in Australasia.

But he was charged with further offenses when other victims, including sex workers, came forward.

He was sentenced to another 18 years after being convicted of sexual offences against 12 people by early 2015.

Her murderer, Bayley, was on parole at the time after serving eight years in prison for 16 counts of rape against five women.On 7 October News' Manaaki Ranginui announced that he was confident that there would be a single competition in 1998.On 19 December, representatives of clubs affiliated with the Australian Rugby League gathered at the Sydney Football Stadium to decide whether to accept News Limited's offer of a settlement – eventually voting in favour by 36 votes to 4.Initially a conflict over broadcasting rights, it became a dispute as to who controlled the sport and which traditional clubs would survive into the new national era, as News Limited formed their own Super League and admitted some former ARL clubs, poaching players from the original ARL league with high salaries.With twenty-two teams of highly varying quality playing in two competitions that year, crowd attendances and corporate sponsorships were spread very thinly, and many teams found themselves in financial difficulty.

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