Non sedating ssri

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All drugs have a slow onset of action and patients should be warned that it may take up to two weeks before they start to notice any benefit and around six weeks for the full effects to occur.Adverse effects are usually at their worst in the first two weeks of treatment and so people will often stop medication at this stage if they are not given suitable support and advice.Drug treatment of depressive disorders can be divided into three distinct phases (.

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They are most effective in the treatment of moderate and severe depressive episodes.She has suicidal ideas, but no plans to act on them.The episode began 3 months after breaking up with her boyfriend of 2 years. For example, in subjects striving to carry on with their usual work and social activities, relatively nonsedating compounds such as lofepramine, nefazodone, SSRIs or venlafaxine would be suitable.The other classes of should be increased at increments until the maximum dose is reached.At each incremental increase, adequate time should be given to assess for a response before increasing again.

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