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Marry the boy next door, settle down, stay at home and raise a family. I started seeing really smart men in beautiful suits and especially started to note my friends who were black. The current group of black lovers that I have are gentle yet physical lovers who really know how to make love to a woman and make me feel beautiful.

I loved movies and I always wanted to travel and live in a big city. There are so many types of sex I could have and have had, but the emotional and expressive sexuality of the black man in general has been superior, so it is just not about physical and size.

I know so people in the Queen of Spades lifestyle like the idea of a cuckold for a husband or boyfriend, but I guess I’m a little different. Making love is special and I do love the emotions and intimacy that I share with my lovers.

I think that having had as many lovers as I do that my men like knowing that despite it all that they can have our special time alone for me to give them all of my love and attention.

I still hadn’t said yes, but he and my husband conspired behind my back to arrange for him to show up at a hotel where we were attending a Night Before Christmas holiday party (and my birthday).

Silly thing but being a Christmas Eve baby, I always hate getting combo Christmas/Birthday presents.

Well my husband sent a photo of me to Jackie and said that I wished I could meet that guy.

Well she sent him my email address and he responded!

I got so carried away and I think was so loose that evening that we did it bare. I can’t even tell you what my husband got me for Christmas. Since that night in 2003 I have slept with 100 other men with about 90% of them being black. Later in 2004 when I posted my pictures and videos on my site, I started getting requests for me with black men and I started getting invitations from people like the So Cal Mandingoes and The Crew in Northern California.

After a while I sensed he thought we would never meet. I was a working mom and not some 20-something Los Angeles beach bunny.

But along the way my husband and I started our Dreamnet site around July 2003 and I was starting to become more adventurous.

Ever since I heard about the Queen of Spades title, I felt like that I should have that title too.

A lot of my basic information can be found on my Dreamnet website located at Rebeccas where I have been a webgirl since 2003. I guess I never saw color, but the when I became a Dreamnet girl, I suddenly saw a channel for experiencing sexual fantasies that had always been deep down inside me and I had a husband who supported me.

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