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we will pay you commission only & to surprise a employee has to work up to 12 hrs a days even sometimes Fridays are not off.This is worst example of greediness the executives of companies are following & treat like animals with employees without caring Labor laws.All the people managing these offices started in sales.MOney earned in all these offices is based on your performance in sales.

Being employee they commit you for salary, you also sign the agreement but when job commence they behave in a such a way that, that signed agreement is just a formality.Parents should encourage their children by reading to them especially before bed-time, since reading during the early years ensures that children have a better opportunity to become creative.Membership rates for public libraries in Dubai Fortunately Dubai Culture and Arts Authority has some well-stocked public libraries in Dubai (equipped with Arabic and English reading material) which charge a very nominal rate for child, individual, family and corporate membership.Only & Only they provide is motivation in morning meetings just like brain washing showing them bright future.Employee ties to work with the company because of their families & most of them leave company earlier as they get better opportunity or they realize the cruel aim of executives Ministry Of labor should take strong action against Book Deal Trading & must review its licencing.

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