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Relics are disabled in Pv P, so they are not a concern to you. Most damage done by Fury Warriors is when you are at 100 Rage or trying to get rid of all your Rage.

If this is the case, do not worry, and use the information below to help you understand your traits and guide your future choices.This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to play a Fury Warrior in a Pv P environment.The guide will cover everything from talent choices, artifacts, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses.The implication is that it does not matter where your gear comes from, and all that matters is its item level.Gear from quests or Pv E content is just as good as gear you get as a reward from Pv P (which, in fact, will be very similar to Pv E gear; there are no more Pv P stats on gear).

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