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Some Markdown editors provide a preview of the rendered document in real time when writing or editing, which reduces the number of times you need to render your work externally to proof for markup mistakes.In my initial drafts, I prefer tools that let me hide this preview so I can work in distraction-free text mode.The team and I are now officially Markdown junkies!:] You might be asking, “Do I really need a Markdown editor? ” Generally, Markdown won’t be the final destination format of your piece of work, so you’ll need a tool that can convert Markdown to a richly formatted document such as HTML, Word, or PDF, which can be customized along the way via CSS or other display formatters.Once you have it, paste the command into the Sublime Text Console like so: You’ll be prompted to restart Sublime Text once the package has installed.

From a initial list of more than twenty editors, I’ve assembled a list of the five top best Markdown editors for OS X.The site will auto-detect your OS and provide an appropriate download link: Once you’ve downloaded the install package, double-click the file to unzip it in Finder, and drag I bet you didn’t expect something from Microsoft on this list!:] Microsoft isn’t the same company it used to be, and neither are their tools.Markdown quickly became my preferred writing format because it helps me stay focused on recording my thoughts and ideas quickly and efficiently.Since a Markdown document is just a text document, any text editor can create and edit Markdown documents.

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