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If you require digital barcode artwork (eps) for any format, please contact us directly at 800-662-0701.

You may also, click on the following Order Form if you need digital barcode files immediately.

Supported features are: Additionally, as a way to test the upcoming update to opus-tools, we’re providing Windows binaries built with 1.3-beta.

These binaries are based on libopusenc, which means opusenc is finally able to make use of the Opus delayed-decision feature to make better speech/music transitions.

This Png Encoder is the fastest java based png encoder we know of and has a very small footprint of just a few kilobytes.

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The most important rules when printing QR codes on everyday materials such as e.g.

Below are tests done comparing our java png encoder with other java based image encoders.

The image encoded is the chart itself, and the chart is generated by our Easy Charts product.

These apps are currently not available on You Tube Live.

Google Slides has a Q&A feature that can be used as part of a broadcast.

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